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Annick, Photo transfer, acrylic, fabric,  wood burning, woodcut on found wood 22" x  33”, 2016

Annick MF is a multidisciplinary gather and cultivator. She gathers stories about and by her community(ies) and cultivates spaces for these stories and experiences to be shared and heard. Over the years her preferred mediums have been audio (radio + podcasts) and video (documentaries) but she also dabbles in theatre and writing. 


At the moment, she is working on her largest gathering project as a part of her Masters in Communication Studies. This research-creation project looks at the intersections of black identity and experience in Montreal across language, gender, and generations from the 1960s till now. Her project is due to culminate in summer 2017, so keep your eyes peeled.


On change making:

"The beauty about change is that it is constant and inevitable but also malleable. We can change apart, we can change without direction or we can choose to change together. Changing together takes effort, time, vision, understanding, and trust but it’s impact is like no other. That’s the change I’m building towards". - Annick MF

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