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Patricia, Photo transfer acrylic, fabric on found wood 27" x 34", 2016

Patricia M Jean is a Black, same gender loving woman, activist and volunteer. She was the executive director of African Rainbow, an organization that serves Black and Queer people. In 2015, during the Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedom's 40th anniversary ceremony, she was one of the recipients that was awarded a medal for changing the face of Quebec society. Patricia passionately believes in speaking up against discrimination and injustice.


On change making:

"People don't always understand how hard black lgbt community building can be. We were hurt and we are still hurt. Keeping these communities alive is a question of survival. So let's give ourselves a chance. A chance to heal, a chance to find ourselves, a chance to love ourselves, a chance to love each other, a chance to trust each other and a chance to thrive" - Patricia M Jean

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